Now Appearing on Godspace: Today We’ve Disappeared?

So I really did think that my blog stops wouldn’t be quite as often for the next while, but surprise! today I’m also part of Christine Sine’s Return to Our Senses Lenten series.  And quite ironically, while I’m appearing on Godspace, the title of the post is “Today We’ve Disappeared.” Here’s the start of my guest post:

Today We’ve Disappeared

A year ago, I was pretty much a stranger to social media. Once upon a time, I had joined Facebook to see some pictures sent by a friend, then promptly hid my profile since I hadn’t wanted to take the time to fill it in or find new friends. I had several invitations to LinkedIn that I had dutifully saved instead of deleting. Every so often, one of my sisters would send me an email signed from “your Facebook Liaison,” so I wouldn’t miss out on any family news.

But last May, I finally followed up on my LinkedIn invitations–and yes, they still worked even though they were a few years old. I signed up for my own Facebook, then Google+. I started blogging. By Christmas, I had signed up for Goodreads and Twitter too.

Read more on why I’ll be taking a once-a-week social media Sabbath . . . .

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