Make Your Own Sacred Pauses Kit

Sacred Pauses Kit1

One of the delightful surprises at my book launch was this great Sacred Pauses kit from one of my sisters, complete with a personalized gift tag with the picture of the book.

Inside, I found a notebook with a zippered pouch containing a rainbow selection of gel pens and a package of her delicious home-made mini-biscotti.

What a great gift idea—I’m only sorry that my picture doesn’t do justice to it all!

A Sacred Pauses kit is a great gift idea for a sister, friend, or anyone, and can be personalized any way you like. I love the notebook and gel pens, but you could substitute a different kind of notebook or a full-size journal. Or go in a different direction and add a pottery mug or china tea cup, a flower vase, or other gift. I’ve never made biscotti, so I would probably substitute some home-made chocolate chip cookies or snickerdoodles, and if you don’t bake you could always pick up something from your favourite bakery or tuck in a package of licorice or roasted almonds, a special tea or some other treat. Be creative with your own ideas, and of course feel free to add a copy of Sacred Pauses: Spiritual Practices for Personal Renewal.

A Sacred Pauses kit can be dressed up or down, thrift-shopped or hand-made, as elaborate or as simple as you wish. It would make a thoughtful gift for Mother’s Day next month, for a birthday, as a thank-you gift, to encourage someone who’s stressed out, or for any occasion. Play with the idea, make one or more, maybe even make one for yourself for next weekend. Make it any way you want, and enjoy!

Writing/Reflection Prompt: Who could use a sacred pauses kit from you today?



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3 thoughts on “Make Your Own Sacred Pauses Kit

  1. Is this a gift idea mainly for women? Said a man to me yesterday: “it could be for men too–just add the tv remote.” Haha, he was joking of course–a coffee mug, journal, or book can work equally well for a man or a woman, for younger or older folks.

  2. Great idea. I just read your chapter on lectio divina. All I need is a text and a star to steer her by. Yoga mat can turn into a magic carpet also. 🙂

    1. I somehow missed your comment earlier – a friend uses her yoga mat every day for a kind of embodied Lord’s Prayer, praying with body and soul, a great way to start the day.

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