Draw Near to God: Youth and Spiritual Practice

I am MUCH more comfortable writing at my computer than talking to the camera, but I couldn’t pass up this chance to connect with youth. This video is a great discussion starter from MennoMedia.


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6 thoughts on “Draw Near to God: Youth and Spiritual Practice

    1. Thanks, Sharon. I’ve read about others who take a break from social media but still schedule tweets/posts during that time to maintain their presence. I plan to do that when I take a few weeks off in August, but once a week (Sat 6pm – Sun 6pm) I simply disappear instead of trying to schedule tweets/posts. I’m amazed at how freeing that feels.

  1. This is very inspiring and helpful, April. I love your thoughts about starting small and not getting discouraged and your idea of the social media fast. That’s one that I would love to try myself. The video is also really good quality.

    1. Thanks, Deborah. It’s been great to work with Dan Loewen, and I highly recommend him (http://www.danloewen.com/). We did some more filming this last week for a Sacred Pauses book trailer that would also work as a discussion starter/sample curriculum piece, and I’m very interested in how that will turn out too, so please stay tuned!

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