Pinterest: What I Did Instead of Blogging

The week before Christmas, I read Jon Morrow’s Why You Shouldn’t Publish New Content During the Holidays (and What You Should Do Instead). I was happy to comply with the first part of his advice since I was already planning to take a break over Christmas and New Year’s. And I suppose the What I Did Instead falls roughly under his point #5 to take care of technical tasks.

For me that’s meant getting to know Pinterest—as an extension of my blog, as a visual way of saving links that interest me, and just for fun 🙂 I have just 9 boards so far, with maybe more to come, and I’m already part of a group board (not shown here) on Books to read, reviews and recommendations. Check out what I’ve got so far, and the Pinterest follow button at the end of this post. See you on Monday when I’m back to blogging!

April Yamasaki on Pinterest

April Yamasaki on Pinterest

April Yamasaki on Pinterest



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