What a blog looks like when it crashes

When a friend told me that her blog had crashed, and she was getting it restored, I went to her site and found this:

What a blog looks like when it crashes

Wow! Fortunately she was able to get her blog restored to its pre-crash condition, but her experience got me thinking….

Do you back up your blog, and how?

January 17, 2014 p.s. – Thanks to Rob at MennoNerds, I just discovered that the characters above caused my RSS feed to fail, so I’ve substituted a screen shot instead and hope that takes care of the problem. (oh those pesky unintended consequences….)


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9 thoughts on “What a blog looks like when it crashes

  1. Mine didn’t crash completely, but my email link for followers led to a message which said it didn’t exist yesterday. I quickly realized how little I know about backing up a blog! What I do have is word copy files of my posts. How did your friend get her’s restored?

    1. Elsie, if you at least have word copies of your posts, you have more than I do! Melodie, it may be that different blogging platforms handle things differently. My other comment shares what I’ve found out about WordPress.com (not to be confused with WordPress.org for self-hosted blogs).

  2. My friend had help from WordPress to restore her blog. I use WordPress.com and they say: “If your blog is hosted here at WordPress.com, we handle all necessary backups. If a very large meteor were to hit all the WordPress.com servers and destroy them beyond repair, all of your data would still be safe and we could have your blog online within a couple of days (after the meteor situation died down, of course). But if you want to back up your blog content manually, you are free to do so by using the Tools -> Export option.” More info on that can be found here: http://en.support.wordpress.com/export/

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