Sacred Pauses at St. Benedict Center, Schuyler, Nebraska

It was a great blessing to spend the weekend with this fine group of pastors, chaplains, and spouses.

Central Plains Leaders Retreat
Central Plains Leaders’ Retreat

As with most retreats, I received far more than I had to offer, and on my return flight, I counted my blessings: the peaceful setting of St. Benedict Center in Schuyler (pronounced Skyler), Nebraska,

St Benedict Center
Facing the lake

a weekend schedule with plenty of time to pause between and after sessions for conversation, browsing in the gift shop, book signing, snacking, reading, napping, and quiet contemplation,

Gift Shop
Stoles, vestments, and icons just outside the gift shop

Book Signing

good food and interaction over mealtimes,

Dining Hall
Mine is the empty chair

worship in the chapel,


and in the outdoor amphitheatre,

Gathering for worship

a visual feast with art work both indoors and outdoors.

At the entrance. Notice the small table on the right with a lit candle–there is also a sign flat on the table that says “This candle burns for peace.”

This was a wonderful setting for a Sacred Pauses retreat, and for my three sessions: The Power of Pausing, Pausing Alone and Together, Pausing as a Way of Life.

Thank you to Tim Detweiler and Susan Janzen of the Central Plains Mennonite Conference for inviting me and to everyone who gathered. It was a privilege to pause with you, and I pray that you returned home refreshed.


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7 thoughts on “Sacred Pauses at St. Benedict Center, Schuyler, Nebraska

  1. Thank you so much for journeying to the sand hills of Nebraska to retreat with us! I was refreshed and renewed by your insights, along with the worship, fellowship, and setting for the weekend. It’s always a special time. You’re welcome to come back next year just for the experience!

    1. Thank you, Susan, it was a privilege to be part of the weekend–a wonderful setting and a good group of leaders. All the best for your return to ministry this week!

    1. It was truly a sacred pause weekend. On the Saturday afternoon I went through the stations of the cross on the retreat grounds, and I look forward to sharing some reflections and photos about that soon too.

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