Creativity is a continual surprise – Ray Bradbury


It’s not like I need another thing to do.

In fact, I should probably be developing my “I-don’t-do” list.

But when friend Sandra Heska King issued an invitation to her Making Manifest group, I was intrigued. I had already heard about Dave Harrity’s Making Manifest: On Faith, Creativity, and the Kingdom at Handand what better way to explore it than in community with her and other readers?

So far I’ve just read the intro since the group doesn’t start until May 1. And I don’t know how consistent I can be with the Scripture, poems, and daily writing exercises since I have a lot of other things on the go, but then again, who doesn’t? Besides Making Manifest seems made for me at this time since I’ve started writing more poetry lately and since I hope it will also connect with my own writing project on creativity.

So for me, May will be Making Manifest Month. I’m looking forward to being surprised!

How are you nurturing your creativity these days?

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  1. Yes. I am excited to get to know you better April!

  2. I’m so glad this isn’t going on your don’t-do list.

  3. Looking forward to getting to know you, April.

  4. Glad you liked the Don’t Do list. Mine is long, and is getting ever longer.

    • Very helpful, Anita — I shared the idea as part of a Sacred Pauses church leaders’ retreat last month, and it led to some fruitful discussion. I’ll need to blog my list sometime 🙂


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