Still Saturday: a Sacred Pauses Interview

Sandra Heska King is a wonderful photographer and writer that I first met through Still Saturday. I love the way she describes herself as “seeking stillness and simplicity to see.” Thank you, Sandra, for sharing the way you see.

(1)  What is Still Saturday?

Those of us who spend a lot of time online live in a loud land. Sorting out the voices. Listening. Blogging. Commenting. Sharing information. Trying to be noticed.

While also developing deep friendships.

Sandra Heska King 2

One day, on what seemed like a whim, the idea of a time for online friends just to breathe together, to be still, to encourage each other, to notice God, started to take form.

And so Still Saturday was born.

Sandra Heska King 8

It’s become a pilgrimage into each other’s hearts and ultimately into His. It’s a place where we can link up “quiet” posts, posts that point to wonder and to the deeper things of the spirit. Some folks share a few words from classic writings or from Scripture. Some link up photos where we can immerse ourselves in the majesty of creation.

Sandra Heska King 9

Many weave their own inspirational or encouraging words while others share beautiful songs or videos. It seems so many hunger for a holy hush.

There’s no pressure to visit all the blogs, and there’s no pressure to comment. Links close around the following Wednesday, but the well is always open for a drink. I take time to wander all week.

For me, it’s a sacred pause.

Sandra Heska King 3

(2) What are you still learning?

I grew up on a small lake and spent a lot of time alone in a rowboat. Sometimes I’d get up early and take a pair of binoculars to the woods. Those years carved a canyon in my heart that’s filled by spending time alone in God’s creation.

Sandra Heska King 7

I’m a recovering Martha—a “doer,” and I’m still learning how to allow myself to just. be. To not feel like I’m wasting time when I slow down while things and people (including myself) clamor for attention. I’m learning the importance of being still in order to hear His voice or just sit quietly with Him—no words necessary from either of us. I’m getting to know new people, gaining wisdom, finding refreshment, and discovering old and new writings that speak deep.

I’ve also learned that my camera helps me pay attention and to see in a much deeper way. Often its lens captures wonder that my own eyes miss.

Sandra Heska King 1

(3) What word of encouragement would you offer to others?

If we don’t take care of ourselves, we can’t take care of others. If we’re not filled up, we have nothing to pour out. If we don’t allow ourselves to be loved, we can’t rightly love. Our spiritual health is as important as our physical health. Stillness and solitude have long been taught as practices that help us connect with His presence.

Sandra Heska King 5

We have to remember that even Jesus took time apart from the crowds. Even apart from His disciples. A few minutes here. A longer period there. We should never feel guilty about leaving things undone to do the one thing of being with Him–and just being in Him. Our doing needs to flow from our being.

Sandra Heska King

Your Turn: If you have a sacred pause that you would like to share in words or photographs, please feel free to contact me. You’re also very welcome to link up with Still Saturday, and/or join my Sacred Pauses blog carnival.


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7 thoughts on “Still Saturday: a Sacred Pauses Interview

  1. Sandra, lovely responses, beautiful photography. Thanks to both you and April for these reminders to pause and breathe in God’s presence.

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