Good Books Looking for a Good Home

One afternoon Charlie Brown sinks comfortably into his bean bag chair to watch tv. His sister, Sally, walks up behind him and asks, “We have to memorize a Bible verse for Sunday school..Do you know any short ones?” With his eyes still fixed on his tv show, Charlie Brown replies, “Luke 17:32…’Remember Lot’s wife.'” Apparently satisfied, Sally trudges away, and in the next frame of the cartoon she trudges back until she’s once again standing behind Charlie Brown. “Remember Who?” she asks.


I love those old Peanuts cartoons by Charles Schultz, especially this one that reminds me of Remember Lot’s Wife and Other Unnamed Women of the Bible, which is a series of reflections on 50 unnamed women in Scripture: Lot’s wife, Samson’s mother, Philip’s four prophesying daughters, a widow mourning the death of her son, a woman in the crowd around Jesus, and many more. It’s an older book, already out of print for a number of years, so I feel a little funny mentioning it here, but there was good interest when I took copies to the last women’s retreat, and I had the last two boxes of brand new books still in our basement and looking for a good home.

I’ve given away those last copies now, but to see some sample reflections, check out my Retro Series.


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