5 Ways You Can Make This Website Even Better

Some time ago, I was invited to do a readers’ survey that was supposed to take just a few minutes and turned out to be 52 questions long!

I immediately lost interest, and thought to myself, if I ever do a readers’ survey, I’ll make it short and won’t ask unnecessarily nosy questions like how much my readers earn in a year.

And so this month, as I celebrate three years on aprilyamasaki.com, I’m introducing my first-ever readers’ survey with just 5 questions designed to make this website better–and by that I mean more engaging and focused for you as readers.

If you’re willing to help, please click here, or on the button below. All responses are anonymous, and I look forward to seeing the collective results and sharing them with you. Thank you for your time–I appreciate your feedback! (oh and p.s., this survey will close Wednesday, May 27, 5pm, Pacific).

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