Power Bible: a comic-book format communicates God’s story

Power Bible Sampler
Power Bible Sampler

I’ve read the Bible as a printed hard-cover book and in digital format, listened to it on cd and seen parts of it acted out, but the Bible as a comic book? Really? Would the message come through? Would it feel more like a cartoon and a little less like God’s story?

My questions made me curious to explore the Power Bible from Green Egg Media. The ten-volume set tells the story of the Bible in comic-book format, from creation to the minor prophets, from the birth of Jesus to the vision of God’s eternal kingdom. At roughly 200 pages each, these are clearly not the thin comic books of my childhood. Each volume looks and feels substantial, with vibrant colours, detailed drawings, and quality production.

The Power Bible communicates God’s story with care, in an engaging manner with just the right amount of detail and humour to engage younger readers. Each section begins with a quote from the New American Standard Bible, which is among the most literal of the English translations. Then the story takes off–staying close to the biblical narrative, but with the occasional map to locate the story, the occasional asterisk to define biblical terms like synagogue or denarius, the occasional reference to a Psalm or other text, the occasional additional detail to make sense of the narrative or to add age-appropriate humour.

For example, when Jesus speaks of the cost of discipleship, he says,

No one who has touched a plow and then looks back is fit for the kingdom of God.

As an aside, one of his disciples explains,

It means don’t be concerned about the matters of this world. (Power Bible 8, page 18)

When Jesus is asked about paying tax to Caesar, he calls for a coin and asks,

Whose likeness and inscription is this?

“Caesar’s,” the men reply.

Then render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s!

As the men walk away, visibly disappointed in their failure to trap Jesus, one of them mutters,

”I wasn’t expecting such a perfect answer.”

Another replies,

I’m speechless. (Power Bible 8, 153)

For more information on the Power Bible, please see Green Egg Media. They seek to educate, encourage, and inspire, and their Power Bible does just that. It doesn’t replace a full copy of the Bible, but it’s comic-book format draws kids into the story in a fun and faithfully creative way. I echo the prayer of artists Shin-joong Kim and Sook-ja Yum that appears in the introduction:

We hope that you will become immersed in the Biblical world from the very first page, and we pray that you will learn the truths and wisdom of the Bible so that you can know God and His Love.

Disclosure: Thank you to Green Egg Media for supplying me with sample volumes of the Power Bible. As in all my reviews, the opinions expressed here are my own.

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