my creative contemplative journal – now available!

my creative contemplative journal

I was excited to see this photo of Lois Siemens at CommonWord Bookstore and Resource Centre with her calendars, cards, and a sample copy of my creative contemplative journal in the centre of her other creative endeavours!

This beautiful journal includes striking full-colour photographs, inspiring quotes, and plenty of room to make this journal your own:

  • Turn any blank page into a weekly planner by adding columns for the days of the week.
  • Track your own project through the creative stages in this book, from becoming Open to finding Focus and Joy.
  • Examine a photo, ponder a quote, sketch out an idea, write a poem, create a mind map, design a recipe, make a gratitude list, compose a psalm or prayer; use as a journal in any way you choose.
  • Go beyond these pages and get out for a walk, take your own photos, paint a dream, dance your heart out, live contemplatively and creatively every day.

This journal makes a wonderful gift for yourself and the other creative people in your life. We hope you’ll enjoy this journal as much as we enjoyed putting it together!

To order please see my creative, contemplative journal.

my creative contemplative journal

8 thoughts on “my creative contemplative journal – now available!

  1. Exciting news, April! Congratulations to you! I hope it will soon be available for your overseas readers too because I’d love to be able to order a copy here in the UK. 🙂 x

    1. Thanks, Joy, and yes! For the UK, you can order online here:
      The cost including shipping and handling for the UK is $29.98 in Canadian dollars, which I understand is about 15 pounds or 20 euros. I have no idea if that’s reasonably priced or not, but it reflects the cost of mailing to the UK. If you have a UK Paypal account you should be able to pay internationally. I would love for you to have a copy! hope that helps, April

      1. April, I was excited to hear this so I clicked on the link you gave me. Sadly, I received a warning from my site security advisor to say this wasn’t a secure site and was being used to solicit personal info which could lead to fraud. Sorry to say, I didn’t feel safe to proceed. Can you shed any light on it, please?

        1. Hi Joy – I just tried it now myself, and it looks like it’s working as it should. I wonder if it was just a temporary glitch of some sort with the server either on our end or yours. Could you please try it again, and see if it works now? I will also let Lois know so if it’s still not working right for you or anyone else, she could have the tech person she works with check it out. Thanks for letting me know.

          1. Oh that’s a mystery, April. I just tried again and received the same warning message. 😦 I usually don’t proceed if I see a red site warning sign just in case it causes a problem. Better safe than sorry in my opinion. But I do hope Lois can get it fixed soon because I would really love a copy of the journal. Thanks for trying it again yourself.

    1. I would have loved to join Lois, but it seems that we are seldom in the same place, at least geographically! Thanks for carrying my creative contemplative journal – I hope you sell out soon and order more 🙂

  2. Hi Joy and All – apparently the international portion of Lois’ website had been turned off, but is now working as it should be, so you should be able to shop now at: If you still have problems ordering through her website, please use my contact card to send me your address and let me know how many copies you would like:, I’ll send you an invoice including the shipping, and arrange for payment through Paypal. Thank you for your patience!

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