Praying for Peace on the Fourth Day of Christmas

For Christmas eve, the children of my congregation shared prayers of peace that they had written for children in the Philippines and Nepal. I hope to share their beautiful words on the Emmanuel church website [See Celebrating Jesus by Praying for Peace], and in the meantime, here is the intergenerational litany of peace that I wrote to follow the children’s prayers, adapted slightly for this fourth day of Christmas.Christmas_Peace (500x250)

Because of Christmas,
we pray for peace—
for all children and grown-ups,
for all of creation,
all over the world.

O God, grant peace:
end all abuse and fearfulness,
all violence and war,
spread your healing wholeness
all over the world.

O God, grant peace:
in our hearts and everywhere,
in all we say and do,
loving God and all our neighbours
all over the world.

In all our prayers and daily living,
we trust and follow Jesus,
born Lord of all,
and Prince of Peace
all over the world. Amen.

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  1. Thank you, April, for this beautiful addition to the prayer posts highlighted today on the Christian Poets & Writers blog God bless you and your life in Christ.