The Best of 2015 from April Yamasaki

Here are my top ten articles for this year according to the total number of views–a good mix that embraces church and ministry, Scripture, prayer, personal, and writing themes. Have a quick scan below. Did you miss any of these? Is your favourite listed? Surprisingly, #1 this year is also my all-time most popular post!

#1 –  My 22 Best Practices in 22 Years of Pastoral Ministry

#2 –  22 Time-Tested Ways to Love Your Pastor

#3 –  How to Pray for the Syrian Refugee Crisis When You Can’t Find the Words

#4 –  Why I’m Glad I Skipped the Second Week of Lent

#5 –  How to Tell the Whole Story of the Bible in 16 Verses

#6 –  How to Read the Bible and Love It

#7 –  Where to Find Hope When You’re Sick of Death

#8 –  The Best and Worst Member of the Church

#9 –  One Way Your Church Can Stop Hiding Mental Illness

#10 – Writing and Other Acts of Faith


Thank you for your interest and support.

God’s joy and peace to you now and in the new year!

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