Following Jesus in Everyday Life

A litany from the life of the church, compiled from sermon responses. 

We have decided to follow Jesus–

We wrote our commitments
with pencils and with ballpoint pens,
in green ink and orange pencil crayon.

We printed in neat, tiny letters,
or with a large scrawl–
in just a few words or whole paragraphs.

Some drew flowers in the corners, some signed their names,
and even those who chose to be anonymous made a bold commitment:

I have decided to follow Jesus wherever he leads,
and this year, more specifically, in sharing God’s love
with the people who work with me on the construction site.

I have decided to follow Jesus by taking baptism classes,
spending more time in prayer, and being kinder.

I want to follow Jesus by leading a Bible study group.
I will need wisdom and inspiration to do a good job.
I will ask God to help me.

I have decided to follow Jesus by realizing that I have more than I need,
and by being content with where God chooses to put me.

I have decided to follow Jesus, the light of the world.
I will help your light shine by digging deep into your Word,
by spending more time with you,
by asking more questions,
by keeping my heart in your hands.

I would like to be more loving to everyone I meet:
saying hi to people I don’t know,
spending more time with neighbors,
inviting more people on the fringes for meals.

Treating every person with respect, dignity and love
as if they were Christ,
being a witness to my patients in the hospital.
I want to pour out God’s glory in everything I do.

Being less critical and more loving,
volunteering with more joy,
showing compassion,
being there for my family.

Reading Scripture more faithfully,
going to Sunday school,
listening in prayer,
inviting someone new to our church.

Praying for the poor and all who are suffering,
doing God’s will, and being faithful,
being more patient and generous
in time and in giving.

By making friends with other soccer parents
and by talking positively about the coaches,
being a better example to my children.

I have decided to follow Jesus by doing the difficult things
that Jesus calls us to–
often unpopular, uncomfortable, lonely, out-of-step with others,
justice-loving, peace-making.

I have decided to follow Jesus because I need him at all times.
I could not live if I didn’t have him at my side.

We have decided to follow Jesus.  We want to follow Jesus.

Not because we have all the answers, but because God calls us to follow.

Not because we always know where we are going, but because God calls us to follow.

Though we may have many questions,
though we may stumble on the way,
still may we follow Jesus,
and may God direct our path.

Writing/Reflection Prompt: How will you follow Jesus this week? Be concrete and specific. Expand this litany or write your own.


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