My Ten Best Pinterest Boards: Creativity, Hybrid Publishing, Easy Food Gifts, and More!

“Oh I had forgotten that you were on Pinterest,” says a reader, “You should remind us again.”

If you’re a Pinterest fan, you may not need this reminder, but since I just learned a cool trick to embed my Pinterest boards here, I thought I’d try it below. If you’re not familiar with Pinterest, well it’s a personal online bulletin board where I or anyone can pin things for future reference–like the writing quote from Margaret Atwood that I want to save, or creativity boosters for when I run out of my own ideas, or the recipe for strawberry lemonade slurpees that I’d like to make this summer.

Right now I have a rather modest collection of 32 boards, including Creativity (quotes and ideas):

Design for Beginners (what I’m learning about lettering and other design elements):

Hybrid Publishing (for hybrid authors interested in publishing some books traditionally and self-publishing others):

Journaling (an eclectic mix of journaling and art journaling):

Nurturing My Inner Poet (after all, there’s poetry in every moment):

The Third Act of Life (one of my newest boards, inspired by Jane Fonda’s TED talk on what she calls the Third Act of Life, introducing a new paradigm for aging as a staircase to greater authenticity and wholeness):

Women in Ministry (empowered to serve and lead):

Easy Food Gifts (and no, they’re not all chocolate!):

Fresh from the Oven (baking):

Healthy Crockpot:

Or go to my Pinterest profile to browse all of my boards:

Writing/Reflection Prompt: Is a picture really worth a thousand words? Or are there some things that are more easily communicated with words?

If you’re a Pinterest fan, please do look for me there!


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