Women in Ministry: How Does God Want You To Lead?

redbud-widget-white1Earlier this year, I joined Redbud Writers Guild, and last month I was so pleased to have my first article published in the Guild’s online magazine, The Redbud Post. Each month, The Redbud Post focuses on a different theme, like last month’s issue on Women in Leadership. Please see below for links to each of the seven articles, and you’ll see that I’m in fine company!

What Does the Bible Say About Women’s Roles? by Natalie Eastman
5 steps to help you reflect on Scripture, including examining ancient culture, examining the literary context and content, considering various external and internal filters. Instead of telling you what to believe, Natalie encourages you to work toward your own understanding.

23 Best Practices to Thrive in Church Ministry by April Yamasaki
Early in my ministry, I met regularly with my conference minister, and I still remember his counsel, “When you feel like running, then run to Jesus.” This article is an updated and more broadly based version of my 22 Best Practices in 22 Years of Pastoral Ministry.

How Does God Want You To Lead? by Karin Hardin
“Leadership first starts with understanding that leading isn’t about the leader, but about valuing people. A true leader sees the potential of an individual by recognizing and calling out their gifts, helping them to become who God has called them to be.”

We Will Lead by Tina Osterhouse
“You may never get invited into the good ol’ boys club, Tina. But God will never hinder you from fulfilling your calling. He’ll make a way.”

When Caregiving and Leadership Collide by Lindsey Smallwood
Is it possible to have significant caregiving responsibilities and still be engaged in leadership ministry? Lindsey shares some good examples and practical tips in this article.

Womentoring: Leadership that Replicates Leaders by Bev Murrill
“For a woman to be an effective mentor, she must first acknowledge her own leadership call. It is from this point that she will be able to empower other women, not only to lead but also to encourage others.”

Being a Woman in Ministry by Terri Kraus
An interview with pastor, wife, mom, and writer Jenny Rae Armstrong, who says, “Just do your thing, sister! Preach the gospel, teach the Bible, care for God’s flock, and keep your eyes on the prize, which is always and only Jesus.”

These seven articles form the July 2016 issue of The Redbud Post. The August 2016 issue includes more great articles from Redbud writers, focusing on Conversations: Race and Reconciliation. Check out the Redbud home page for more information and/or to sign up for a free subscription.

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