Authors in the House 2: Husband and Wife and Two Forthcoming Books

Last year I shared Authors in the House: Husband and Wife and How We Write, which compared and contrasted my husband’s more academic writing style and projects with my own. At the time, we were both immersed in book projects with specific deadlines, but the when, where, and how we engaged in writing were quite different.

Now we’re both immersed in editing our final manuscripts, and I’m happy to share the covers of our soon-to-be released books.

Insights from Filmmaking for Analyzing Biblical Narrative by Gary Yamasaki is to be released by Fortress Press, October 1, 2016. Gary has just completed his review of the page proofs which are due back to his publisher today, so yay! he’s done!

Gary’s book develops an innovative approach to biblical narrative, exploring the way stories are treated in filmmaking, and using that as a model for analyzing biblical stories. It demonstrates how fresh interpretive insights emerge when we read biblical stories like we watch movies. To preorder, visit Fortress Press, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble. This volume is part of the new Insights series that discusses various approaches in current scholarship.


Christ Is for Us: A Lenten Study Based on the Revised Common Lectionary by April Yamasaki is scheduled for release by Abingdon Press on December 20, 2016. My edited manuscript is due back to my publisher this Wednesday, so of course I’m still working on it 🙂

This seven-week Lenten study invites readers to explore the designated Old Testament, Gospel, and Epistle readings for each week. Each chapter includes commentary and reflection, personal and group discussion questions, plus suggestions for group activities. To preorder for personal or group use, visit Cokesbury, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble.


Our books are both part of longer series, and each series has its own distinct look. Since our covers needed to fit our respective series, neither of us had input into our cover designs, but I’m quite pleased with the way they turned out. I think the capital letters on Gary’s book cover convey a sense of academic weight, and the straight lines give it a sleek, 21st century look. For my book cover, I love the way CHRIST stands out in the centre, and the colours used are appropriately Lenten and yet not overly somber.

I’d say more, but my manuscript is calling me. . . .

Reflection/Writing Prompt: What do you think of our book covers? What’s calling your name today?

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11 thoughts on “Authors in the House 2: Husband and Wife and Two Forthcoming Books

  1. April this is Good News! You and Gary have been through some tough times. Celebrate these accomplishments! God is good!

    Sent from my iPad With smiles


  2. Can you please make sure the library in heaven has a copy of each of your books? Mom will want to read them.

  3. Congratulations, April, to you and Gary on completing your projects! Like both covers, but especially yours. The moment I saw it I thought “Christ-centered–perfect for Lenten studies.”

    1. Thanks, Sherrey. I love the collage of different words with Christ at the centre–it reminds me of Christ at the centre of Lent and of our lives, and Christ, the Word of God, in the midst of many other names and words.

  4. These are lovely book covers, both of them. And I am amazed at all you’ve both accomplished in the last several years. May God continue to bless and inspire you both.

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