Four Gifts Launch Party Photos

I am so grateful for everyone who helped with my Four Gifts launch partyand for everyone who came to help me celebrate!

One woman said that Four Gifts is just what she needs as she juggles an active family life with her husband commuting to work, her children in school, her job outside the home, and her extended family. A student in high school asked about self-care during exam week. A newly retired educator said that she needs to be deliberate about making decisions because it seems that “everyone has a plan for my life.”

I loved these conversations before, during, and after the program, and I’m happy to share some photos that capture some of the spirit of the evening.

Sharing a laugh with Chris who graciously agreed to emcee:

Although there was no piano man, “it was a pretty good crowd for a Saturday”:

Thank you to House of James for the cozy atmosphere, and congratulations on your 45th anniversary!

Leane Winger sang a beautiful piece from her original musical, The Girl from Moab. She and Jacob Harada also offered music for gathering and to end the evening.






I started my talk with thank yous, read the introduction and part of the first chapter, then had a time for questions and comments.

Thank you to John and Angelika Dawson for these photos – I like this special effect during my reading, a shot from outside the window.

After my book talk and reading, we’re all smiles because getting a prize is always fun, plus Emma was drawing names for the giveaways, and just happened to draw her dad’s name for a copy of Four Gifts.

Launch party flowers by Laura Brandt’s Heirloom Florals that doubled as one of the draw prizes:

It was great to see so many people during the book signing!

Four Gifts: Seeking Self-Care for Heart, Soul, Mind, and Strength is available at, Amazon,ca, CommonWord, and your favourite online or local bookstore. If you’re in Abbotsford, I recommend picking up a copy of Four Gifts at House of James, and if you’d like to have me sign your copy, speak at an event, or Skype into a group discussion, please feel free to contact me.

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10 thoughts on “Four Gifts Launch Party Photos

  1. Wonderful photos! Thanks for posting, April! I may have missed this, but do you have a one-pager that someone could download if they wanted to show their church or organization so they could host you as a speaker? I think self-care is a very timely topic for discussion right now!

  2. Enjoyed the photos, April. Yes, I was there. And I can’t refuse an offer of a free gift. I’m already collecting gifts for Christmas! With a family of 42, it keeps me going. Today I had lunch with a friend who has a family of 104! Our 43rd is due in November.

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