Write Your Story Workshop

My Write Your Story Workshop announced below has come and gone, and it went very well with 29 participants. Everyone who registered in advance showed up, and there weren’t any walk-ins, so from the planning side all went smoothly with enough tables and chairs, handouts, coffee, and so on. I had more than enough material and writing exercises prepared, so the two hours went by quickly. “Too quickly,” said some, and there’s already interest in a Write Your Story Day. I’m grateful for the positive response, and please stay tuned for more information!


Everyone has a story, and I’d love to help you tell it!

If you’ve always wanted to write your story and need a nudge to get started, if you’re already writing and looking for some extra motivation, whether you’re writing for yourself, family and friends, or for publication, I hope you’ll consider joining me for this Write Your Story workshop. Whether you’re a more experienced writer, or just thinking about writing your story, I’d love to see you there!

Write Your Story Workshop

I’ve been sharing some of my own stories online and in print, have experience teaching writing to college students, and as editor of Purpose magazine, I help writers shape their stories for publication. Now as Resident Author with Valley CrossWay Church, we’re planning a two-hour Saturday morning workshop designed to help you tell your story.

Each of us has a life story from birth to the present day, and each life story is made up of many more individual stories along the way. In this workshop we’ll focus on a single event or short story that can stand on its own or be developed as part of a longer life story. That should fit nicely in our two-hour window, and also set the stage for future workshops or other writing-related events.

Cost: If you’re able to contribute a few dollars toward refreshments and workshop handout, please do. If you’re able to pay the full workshop fee of $40, think of it as an investment in yourself to stop procrastinating and start writing. You’ll also receive a receipt so you can deduct the cost as an expense once you start earning writing income or if you already do. Payment is by cash or cheque at the door, or e-transfer to mail@aprilyamasaki.com. If funds are an issue for you, please feel free simply to come.

When: Saturday, October 19, 2019, 10am-noon.

Where: This workshop is hosted by Valley CrossWay Church – please use the north entrance at Calvin Presbyterian Church, 33911 Hazelwood Ave, Abbotsford, B.C.

What to Bring: Paper and pen, journal, coloured pencils, tablet, laptop, or whatever else you’d like to write with. Your own mug for coffee/tea/water (yes, we’re going green with #BYOM – bring your own mug). Your creativity and curiosity. One or more friends – just make sure you each pre-register.

Register: To help our planning and to enter the draw for a free copy of my creative, contemplative journal, please register on or before Tuesday, October 15. The draw will take place at the workshop, and you must be present to win. Just fill out the following, and don’t forget to click on the Submit button.



Writing/Reflection Prompt: Have I forgotten anything? If you have questions about the workshop, please leave a comment below so I can answer for all of us. If you’re wondering about something, I’m sure someone else is too!

If you have a question you’d like addressed in the workshop, please submit it on the registration form. I’m looking forward to sharing with you and learning from you too!

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4 thoughts on “Write Your Story Workshop

  1. April, I would love to attend your workshop!! Sadly, since I’m many miles away from B.C. (Goshen, Indiana,) travel time and expense would make it prohibitive. Sigh!
    Maybe sometime you’ll come to Goshen…?

  2. Maybe someday you might consider doing this workshop, live on the internet, (say, on Zoom)? I’m sure there are many people in other geographic locations who would really like the way you are approaching this idea!

    1. Great idea, Bev – Zoom and other technologies open up a lot of possibilities! Also, someone else asked about follow-up sessions, and another thought this would make a good weekend retreat, so I’ll see what else might unfold….

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