5 Ways You Can Make This Website Even Better

Some time ago, I was invited to do a readers' survey that was supposed to take just a few minutes and turned out to be 52 questions long! I immediately lost interest, and thought to myself, if I ever do a readers' survey, I'll make it short and won't ask unnecessarily nosy questions like how … Continue reading 5 Ways You Can Make This Website Even Better

Writing and Other Acts of Faith

Have you ever thought of writing as an act of faith? It takes faith: To have an idea and start putting it into words¬†even before you understand all that it means; To keep on writing without knowing if any of it will ever make sense to anyone else; To spend hours alone at your desk … Continue reading Writing and Other Acts of Faith

You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have. – Maya Angelou

Five weeks ago, I posted Why Writers Should Stop Blogging, and decided to take my own advice by cutting back on blogging from three times a week to just once or twice. Just as I had hoped, this more flexible approach to blogging has felt freeing, and I've been able to use some of the extra time for other writing and starting my newest project on creativity.