Are Spiritual Practices Too “Catholic” to be “Anabaptist”?

I should know better than to read reviews of my own books, but I was quite surprised that a reader described my Sacred Pauses as "a new kind of consumer-friendly Jesuit spirituality." Really?? What is an Anabaptist spirituality? And why not allow ourselves to be enriched by other traditions?

Friday 5: Joining the Conversation at The High Calling

When this blog was part of The High Calling, I decided to highlight articles from The High Calling as one of my Friday 5 posts. But The High Calling no long aggregates blogs and is now part of the Theology of Work Project, so I've updated the links below. These days I have a particular … Continue reading Friday 5: Joining the Conversation at The High Calling

The Sacred Pauses Book Study Group

There are many ways to read Sacred Pauses on your own or in a group setting, and in the next few months, I'll be leading two different retreats based on the book that I'm really looking forward to! Below is the experience of just one group to spark some of your own ideas. If your group is using the book or already finished, please do let me know--I'd love to hear from you, and a photo is a bonus!

Sacred Pauses’ one-year anniversary with psalms and photos

A year ago, I was anticipating the launch of my new book, Sacred Pauses: Spiritual Practices for Personal Renewal. To celebrate this one-year anniversary, here are a few photos taken in a quiet moment on the day of my book launch, interspersed with quotes from the psalms taken from the book's chapter headings. May these words of Scripture be a sacred pause for you today.