Coming Soon: my Sacred Pauses daybook 2015

~ my SACRED PAUSES daybook 2015 has been sold out

and is no longer available ~


I’ve previously featured photos and a guest post by my friend, Lois Siemens, who is a pastor and wonderful calligrapher and photographer. We’ve been working together on a new project that I’m excited to share with you! (If you’re an email subscriber and don’t normally download the photos, definitely click to show images this time, and you’ll see the cover of my SACRED PAUSES daybook 2015.)

my Sacred Pauses daybook

Just looking at the cover feels like a sacred pause to me.

Inside, the daybook will have original photos by Lois, with monthly Sacred Pauses quotes and weekly journal prompts by yours truly. Calendar pages will show one week per page with some bonus ideas for pausing, room to keep appointments, jot down quick ideas, record your sacred pauses, or use as a mini-journal in any way you choose.

We hope my SACRED PAUSES daybook 2015 will be an inspiring and useful addition to your day–for yourself and to give as a gift.

We’re not ready to take orders yet, but I couldn’t wait to share this! More information coming soon….

my SACRED PAUSES daybook 2015
$19.99 plus applicable taxes, shipping & handling

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