my Sacred Pauses daybook 2015

~ my SACRED PAUSES daybook 2015 has been sold out

and is no longer available ~


As promised, I’m pleased to share the ordering information for my SACRED PAUSES daybook 2015.

Since I first shared about this project, Lois and I decided to change the black lettering to white and go with a white coil binding, so the cover now looks like this:


Inside, the daybook will have original photos by Lois, with monthly Sacred Pauses quotes and weekly journal prompts by yours truly. Calendar pages will show one week per page with some bonus ideas for pausing, room to keep appointments, jot down quick ideas, record your sacred pauses, or use as a mini-journal in any way you choose.

We hope my SACRED PAUSES daybook 2015 will be an inspiring and useful addition to your day–for yourself and to give as a gift.

You can purchase copies online through Loishelen Designs, $19.99 (Canadian) plus applicable taxes, shipping and handling:

– the $1.00 Saskatchewan tax is added automatically, but if you live outside the province it will be automatically removed once you enter your address.

– we’ve tried to keep costs as low as possible, but Canada Post isn’t cheap, and wherever you live, it pays to order more than one copy. The more copies, the more reasonable the shipping and handling. Besides, you’ll want one for yourself and at least one more to give away, won’t you?

Or you can save on the shipping charges by picking up your copy directly from me in Abbotsford.

Order now and you can be part of our first print run with estimated delivery by the end of October, with subsequent printings as needed.

To order online, visit Loishelen Designs.

To order for pick up in Abbotsford, please use my contact form and include your name, email, phone number, and number of copies.

Thank you for your interest!

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