2012 Most Popular Posts

I launched this blog in June, so my “year” was only 7 months, and the readership quite modest but growing. Thank you for your encouragement and feedback–I’ve been learning a lot! and pause now for a look back at my most popular posts of 2012:

1. Three Views of the Atonement and Why They Matter
Really, are people still arguing about this?

2. Why I believe the Bible encourages women in ministry (for H. who asked)
And really, still arguing about this??

3. Hellbound?
My review of this controversial movie received the most comments of 2012.

4. Sacred Pauses: spiritual practices for personal renewal
This post introduced the title and cover of my new book (I’m still eagerly awaiting the February release!), and the most likes of 2012 went to this follow-up post when I finished reviewing the final proofs. 

5. How do you do contemplative prayer? (for I. who asked)
I’m very much a novice at this, but happy to share my experience and to keep on learning. I appreciate Thomas Merton’s perspective that “we will never be anything else but beginners.”

For my regular readers, you’ll notice that I’m posting two days early instead of waiting for my usual Monday, since I’m guessing that you’ll be wanting to celebrate new year’s eve offline somehow….

May the peace and joy of Christmas go with you into the new year!


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2 thoughts on “2012 Most Popular Posts

  1. Any news of when the Book Launch might be? Would love to be there for the Launch.

    On 12/29/12, spiritual practice, faith, and life ~ april yamasaki

  2. We’re still working out the date for the book launch at House of James in Abbotsford, and there’s some talk about an event possibly in Winnipeg if I’m there some time this spring but I would want to do a cluster of different things if I go out there (invitations, anyone?). A blog tour is also in the works, and the dates for that are still to come, so stay tuned for more!

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