Sacred Pauses on Tour: Have I become spiritually flabby?

For the second stop on my February blog tour, I’m very glad to visit Melodie Davis who blogs over at Third Way Cafe, and is the author of Whatever Happened to Dinner?  and eight other books. Thank you, Melodie, for hosting and for your reflections on spiritual practice and Lent.

Another Way: Have I become spiritually flabby?

How convenient that Lent follows a three-month-long season of feasting and parties for many of us in North America: Thanksgiving in October (Canada) or November (U.S.), Christmas and New Year through December and into January (many extended families now hold family dinners right through January), and finally Super Bowl at the beginning of February.

I found it a hoot (but not surprising) that TV commentators were warning about chicken wing shortages over the Super Bowl feasting time. It would be funny if it weren’t sad.

Time to repent and get lean.

But Lent is about way more than fasting or dieting. Many of those who seek to draw closer to God are finding fresh ways to “fast” from things other than food.

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