Sacred Pauses on Tour: 5 Questions

For Stop #3 on my February blog tour, I’m very happy to visit Chris Lenshyn, who is a great pastor and part of the staff team at my church. In keeping with the spirit of blog touring, we did this interview via email which is kind of funny since we see each other in person so often anyway.  Ah technology and community! In person and online, I really enjoy working with Chris—thanks for hosting me on your blog, and I’ll see you soon!

What is the meaning behind the title Sacred Pauses?  How did you come to this title, and what is its connection with spiritual practices?

My original working title for the book was “Time Out”—since so much of life feels like Time On for me, “Time Out” sounded like a welcome break. But when I tried to explain my Time Out title to one of my friends who is a teacher, she immediately responded,  “When I think of time out, I think of my students—you know, how kids sometimes need a time out.”

Well that was definitely not what I meant! So in collaboration with the editors of Herald Press, a new title emerged: Sacred Pauses: Spiritual Practices for Personal Renewal. After all, that’s really what a spiritual practice is—a sacred pause. I came to love the new title and re-worked the manuscript to reflect that.

For the other questions and responses, keep reading . . . .

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