Sacred Pauses Book Launch

Thank you to Phil Hood for putting together this video that features the reading portion of my book launch. Of course there was a lot more to the evening with live music by Tasha Janzen, an intro by Barbara Nickel, an informal question and answer time, book signing, coffee and desserts, all at House of James in Abbotsford—thanks to Lando and Denise and the rest of the staff, and thank you everyone who was able to join me that evening. More pictures and some written reflections to come, but here’s the video. Thanks everyone!


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3 thoughts on “Sacred Pauses Book Launch

  1. Thanks for sharing this, April! Hearing you share makes me miss you and the church family even more. I wish we could have been there. Darnell’s parents brought us a copy so now your book is in the Philippines too:) We just spent 5 days at a resort for a little holiday on the beach and Darnell and I both had a chance to start reading it… we really value it and look forward to reading more.

  2. Thanks, Sandra! and thanks, Christina–I saw Darnell’s mom at House of James the night of the launch, and was so glad she could bring a book to you. I’m curious how it would apply to your context in the Philippines, and maybe you could blog about that sometime 🙂

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