Encouraging Others: a Sacred Pauses Interview

Janis Cox is an author/illustrator. She administers a group blog Under the Cover of Prayer; blogs on her own site He Cares for Us; and contributes weekly to Family and Faith Matters. Her faith holds everything together – life, family, writing, and painting.JanisCox-photo2web

Janis writes to encourage others in their faith walk, and for bloggers she hosts two linking parties each week: Sunday Stillness and Wednesday’s Word. Thank you, Jan, for taking the time for this interview and sharing some of your artwork.

(1) A sacred pause can be a moment of silence or prayer, or even a longer pause like a weekend retreat. What is one example of sacred pause/prayer from your own experience?
For many months our church had been praying for the release of a prisoner in Zimbabwe. He had been in prison for quite a while. His wife and children were refugees in our community. Our church had found them, taken care of them and prayed for them.  They were hopeful for his release, and we were praying for him to be able to get to Canada. One Christmas Eve our prayers were answered as we heard that night that he had been released and was heading to Canada! Imagine the entire church feeling the Holy Spirit as that announcement was made.

Butterfly - Watercolour
Butterfly – Watercolour

(2) What are you still learning?
I am learning how big a God we serve. The awesomeness of our Lord strikes me day by day. Learning to sit quietly in His presence puts me on the right path for the day. I am learning to be more aware of His presence in each moment. I am also learning that He doesn’t require me to “do” anything; that I am accepted exactly how I am.

Haliburton Forest – Batik

(3) What encouragement would you have for others?
Encouragement is the reason I write. I want to encourage others in their faith. I know that we have many trials to face in this world – but I want us all to know that we can trust God. Building a firm foundation is the most important thing we can do. So I would encourage others to seek other believers; read the Bible; pray; take time alone with God in silence to listen to Him; and to know that He loves you no matter what. Tadeo-Cover-final-for-webIf you are interested in being a Sacred Pauses guest, please contact me for more information.

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