10 Sites for Writers that You Won’t Want to Miss


For anyone who loves words and writing, here are my 10 favourite writer-related websites in alphabetical order. Enjoy!

Anne R. Allen’s blog with Ruth Harris
This is one of the first writing blogs I subscribed to—written mainly by Anne with Ruth chiming in about once a month. They’re both writers of fiction but the blog’s appeal is much broader, for those writing fiction or nonfiction, published and not-yet published, indie or traditional.

Dan Blank (WeGrowMedia.com)
Everything you always wanted to know about building a writing platform and more, presented in an engaging and accessible way. I haven’t taken any of Dan’s online courses, but I’m learning a lot from his free weekly newsletter.

Edinburgh World Writers’ Conference
I appreciate the global perspective as writers from around the world discuss five themes: Should Literature be political?; Style vs. Content; National Literature; Censorship Today; The Future of the Novel.

How to Blog a Book
I’ve just started following this blog, curious to find out more and to decide whether I should blog my next book. I’m glad I blogged the title for my next writing project, but I’m not yet sure about blogging an entire book.

Jane Friedman’s blog
This blog is aptly subtitled “writing, reading, and publishing in the digital age.” I especially appreciate Jane’s expertise on publishing and how writing and publishing are changing.  She also has a great “ask me anything” q&a on reddit.

Jeff Goins Writer
This site is one of my newer finds—sign up for Jeff’s newsletter and you get two free e-books: Wrecked for the Ordinary and The Writer’s Manifesto: Stop Writing to be Read and Adored. Great advice and great titles.

ph.d. in creative writing
I follow this blog especially for the writer interviews that are posted every other Sunday. I don’t always know the writer being interviewed, but it’s fascinating to read how writers develop, who inspires them, and what advice they have for other writers.

Seth Godin
This best-selling author and entrepreneur always seems to have something to say—on writing and more generally about communication, marketing, how ideas spread, and much more. Direct, provocative, and always entertaining.

Talking Writing
“We are committed to a new kind of magazine, one that’s dynamic, talky, inspiring, and not too dusty.” This is an on-line literary magazine that started as a blog, and features poets, fiction and creative non-fiction writers, photographers, and visual artists.

For poets and other word lovers and artists. So far I’ve done more reading on this site than anything else, but there are plenty of ways to play with themed writing projects, Twitter poetry parties, and more.

For more great blogs, see 35 Hot Blogs to Help 21st Century Writers Light Their Fire.

Are you a regular on any of these sites? Do you have a go to site for writers that you would like to recommend? I’m always interested in more good leads!


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