3 Great Links about Pinterest for Writers Who Aren’t There Yet (or even if you are)

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Last year I posted To tweet or not to tweet, that is the question (but not for long!), and this year I’m asking “to pin or not to pin?” Should I start a Pinterest account, or is it just one more social media platform to take up time I don’t have?

I’m sure I’d get to meet some great people on Pinterest just as I have on Twitter. There’s sure to be plenty of inspiration and practical ideas on faith and writing and a whole host of other subjects. It would be a more visual way to save and share things that interest me — much better than my long list of unorganized Twitter favourites and browser bookmarks — and besides, Pinterest looks like fun.

But even with my weekly social media Sabbath, I think I already have too much screen time in my life. Am I really up for more? And will it contribute to my writing, or be just one more avenue of distraction and procrastination? If I add Pinterest, what could I cut out?

As I mull this over, I keep returning to the following great links:

Is Pinterest Right for You?
So far my answer is still “maybe.” I need to know more about making Pinterest-ready pictures and think more about my time.

Is Your Blog Pinterest Worthy?
Sharp-eyed readers will notice that I’ve already added a Pinterest sharing button to the end of each post, but other than that my answer to this question is “not yet.”

34 Strategic Ways You Can Use Pinterest
If I decide to open a Pinterest account, this post will definitely be my guide — so clear for a beginner like me, yet comprehensive. It’s giving me a lot to think about even now.

Writing/Reflection Prompt: If I join Pinterest, will I see you there? Why or why not?


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6 thoughts on “3 Great Links about Pinterest for Writers Who Aren’t There Yet (or even if you are)

  1. I’m still getting the hang of Twitter, which should be a natural fit for me because I love brevity and titles (though not abbreviations so much). I appreciate all the folks who use Pinterest so well (and benefit from their pins), but I don’t see myself contributing much to that particular medium.

    1. I’m still wanting to do more on Twitter too, which makes me hesitate about Pinterest — why fracture my limited time even further? But I’m thinking my Sacred Pauses might be a more natural fit and connect there.

  2. Pinterest has the potential to be a huge time waster, but having said that I do love it for research purposes. When I say research in this context I mean it in the simplest sense. For example, If you are interested in gardening, or planning a wedding, or have a new baby etc. you can find all kinds of people interested in the same things and get great ideas and links to useful sites.
    I don’t use it very heavily but have some boards full of things that interest me, just for my own amusement really. What I really love are all the recipes. You can find so much there. Whatever you are looking for. I feel I never have to buy a cookbook again!

    1. Wow, what a difference a couple of months makes! Now we’re connecting on Pinterest too, Liz, and I totally understand what you meant about using Pinterest for research, ideas, links, and really anything that anyone might be interested in. Right now I’m doing a combination of boards related to my blog/faith/writing plus recipes and other personal interests, and a “secret” board where I’m starting to gather things for a new writing project. It’s a great visual way to save links to follow up later.

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