How to Make a Creative Contemplative Journal

Last year, my photographer-pastor-friend Lois and I had such a great time collaborating on my Sacred Pauses daybook 2015 that we decided to team up again, this time to make a creative contemplative journal.

What does it mean to live creatively and contemplatively?

For Lois, it might mean wandering around the local reservoir with her camera, or playing with words and images late at night. For me, it might mean using coloured pens to write in my journal, or composing an early morning blog post on Scripture and prayer.

What does living creatively and contemplatively mean to you?

my creative, contemplative journal invites you to explore this question for yourself–with striking full-colour photographs, inspiring quotes, and plenty of room to make the journal your own.

  • Turn any blank page into a weekly planner by adding columns for the days of the week;
  • Track your own project through the creative stages in this book, from becoming Open to finding Focus and Joy;
  • Examine a photo, ponder a quote, sketch out an idea, write a poem, create a mind map, design a recipe, make a gratitude list, compose a psalm or prayer; use as a journal in any way you choose;
  • Go beyond these pages and get out for a walk, take your own photos, paint a dream, dance your heart out, live contemplatively and creatively every day.

I’m excited about the possibilities!

While we’re still working out pricing and other details, we wanted to invite you into our creative process by sharing some possible covers below. We’ve actually considered more than these five image options, and the font size, style, and positioning may all be adjusted–it’s fun to play with different covers! Can you help us decide? Which is your favourite?

Cover A
Journal Cover 5

Cover BJournal Cover 6

Cover CJournal Cover C

Cover DJournal Cover D

Cover ECover Journal 7

Can you help us decide? Which is your favourite?

29 thoughts on “How to Make a Creative Contemplative Journal

  1. Hi April, they are all beautiful. I think C would encourage a calm contemplative state in me, but I think I’ll vote for A because I have the blessing to have oversight of two village chapels which are rural and surrounded by nature but also an inner city church where I search for the beauty in architecture and human design. The sky is unifying for both and would remind me daily of the richness, diversity, beauty and pain of a world under one sky. Hope you’ll ship to the UK! God Bless Christine

  2. They are all lovely, but B is my favorite. One glance and I’m immediately sitting on the shoreline, being contemplative. (Preferably with a warm blanket and some coffee.) For me, contemplation comes most easily when I’m part of a larger scene.

  3. Cover C gets my vote as it captures the ‘wow’ and ‘God-wink’ factor that serve as a catalyst for reflective meditation and listening as they stop me in my path …

  4. I love cover B and C, with maybe C having a slight edge in terms of inviting creativity as well as being an attractive place for calm, reflective thoughts. The font and layout are also more appealing in option C. Can’t wait for this to come out and be available to use! Great teamwork, April and Lois. 🙂

  5. I like both cover A and C. A because I live in Manitoba and the sky is often the most beautiful part of the scenery. C because there is an air of anticipation as the drop of dew is about to fall from the blade of grass. Such a small, seemingly insignificant event can bring about a big change!

  6. I love cover A…it speaks to me…especially since God created the heavens and this one shows his most beautiful art work! At least it does to me! ❤

    1. Oh I’m loving all of your responses here and on Facebook – thank you! Each sample cover speaks to me in a different way, but we’ll need to choose just one. There’s still time to weigh in on this, so please feel free to add your comment, and stay tuned!

  7. Cover B is my favorite. The calming colours, the water, the mountains draw me to think and reflect on the peace of God that passes all understanding.

  8. I am most drawn in by the image of cover B but like the openness of the font on cover c. Additionally, I am very drawn to the idea and purpose behind this project. Much luck and blessings on completion of the journey.

  9. Definitely my vote is for C !! Beautiful !!

    (whichever you choose, just be sure that the layout and fontsize don’t give the impression that this is the ‘creative contemplative journal of april yamasaki and lois siemens’ like Cover B does – as if it had been custom imprinted with the name of the user, rather than indicating the names of the authors.)

  10. I like Cover D with the cover C font. I like the water, sand image and could imagine myself finding this on a beach or actually putting it there in a quiet purposeful, contempletive moment.

  11. i choose cover B, as I have always loved bodies of water. This photo shows such calmness, a place of contemplation and peace. Woods are also one of my loves, being grateful to live on a farm with woods around. They provide serenity and beauty, as no other place can. So putting woods and water together are a perfect background for a contemplative journal!

    1. I vote for cover B. Water, woods, and hills provide for me a great place to contemplate. I live on an Illinois farm very near the woods and among the hills! Water is close by. Can’t wait to order this Journal!

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