Four Gifts: Seeking Self-Care for Heart, Soul, Mind, and Strength

It’s three weeks and one day until Four Gifts officially launches into the world!

I have a wonderful launch team helping to spread the word, and some of you dear readers have also asked how you can help:

  • let your friends, church library, local library and bookstore know about the book by downloading this Four Gifts information sheet and showing it to them;
  • copy or download one of the following graphics on social media with the hashtag #FourGifts and tag me;
  • consider using Four Gifts with a small group in the coming year–I’d be glad to visit your group in person or via Skype;
  • purchase Four Gifts directly from Herald Press, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or your favourite on-line or local bookstore.

I’m so grateful for my foreword writer, Amy Simpson, author of Blessed Are the Unsatisfied, Anxious, and Troubled Minds. Her books are wise and wonderful, and I’m grateful for her words of grace:

I’m thankful for the strong endorsements that you can see here, including this one from Christena Cleveland, associate professor at Duke Divinity School and author of Disunity in Christ. I highly recommend her book to anyone concerned about the unity of the church and cross-cultural engagement. About Four Gifts, she writes:

As my sprint for justice has shifted to a marathon for justice, I have learned–sometimes the hard way–that soul care is not an indulgent luxury or a distraction from more crucial issues. Rather, it is simultaneously the work of justice and the sustenance that fuels the work. In my soul’s journey into the deeper, darker, and nutritious soil of soul care, I have looked to April Yamasaki as a trusted guide. I read everything she writes! In Four Gifts,her powerful insights are on brilliant display.

Herald Press created these designs using quotes from Four Gifts. I love the way the different background colours pick up the colours of the cross. Feel free to copy and share these too.


Writing/Reflection Prompt: How are you taking care of yourself today?


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